Too bad the Angels and the Dodgers are missing out on a golden opportunity.

Well, The Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors( ) have been sailing Access dinghy’s(3.03 meter(10feet) and access liberty(12 feet))( ) since 1993 without any logo on the sail in China Basin or as you know McCovey Cove all year long.

Hmm How about a Foresail(front sail) with Gene Autry and" sailing with a Friend" with the rear sail Angel Logo 2007 Champs.

Hey Tommy how about you on the foresail and dodger blue in back.

What a dig for Peter McGowan in his box for all eighty-one home games and exhibition games. I know the BAADS with the South Beach Yacht club would have those boats out with the "joy stick servos and lights working. Plus there are FOUR international television shots of the Cove per game!

Oh, this is cheap. It only runs $9,100 per boat with sip & puff or Joy Stick servo for severely Disabled and last ten years. Ronstan will make the sails with the logo in Dandeong Australia which is shipped there by American President Lines Oakland Terminal. Besides sponsors get FREE Space just fifty yards from the Stadium and guest privileges at the South Beach Yacht Club.

Maybe, this could be repeated in every nearby water feature with a one per cent contribution by each team. Just think of the millions of disabled veterans-ALS people-MS Kids- kids at risk and others that might even have someone in the 2012 Paralympics in London.


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