3 Proposals in Raul Ruiz office

The mission of Sailability is that sailing is for everyone. Consequently, the goal is to get each sailability to function as an individual unit. The organization is made by modeling the organization the same as the other sail abilities throughout the world. By keeping to this recipe, new small sail abilities can be approved readily as new nonprofit organizations. This organization promotes traditional values of having a tribe working together to accomplish a task which is sailing. The basic Officers as described in the presentation Commodore (president), Vice Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, and Boson (boat maintenance and operation) would be consistent with the organizations as described in Access Dinghy’s “SAILABILITY”. This type of organization might be noted that this is a PARTICIPATORY organization. Each member contributes in their own way despite physical and mental challenges that each member might have. The members do not talk about their problems but the club’s activities. This is the same as the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors when members come and help to make activities like a trip to Angel Island in San Francisco Bay a club experience. I might also add that Access Dinghy has all the items to get around obstacles. As an example: There is a combo trailer that can carry a portable dock and four sailing dinghies with a “C” crane to lift physically challenged persons in and out of sailing dinghies which thereby eliminates a dock. This last example is how Mr. Tono Mikado gets “SAILABILITY NEW JERSEY” to function because a lot of lakes in New Jersey do not have docks. This project also lends itself to controlling a lake by assuming the marina use with tribal council. The “Duffy TR-Cat 16 electric boat” also doubles as a fishing rental. This opens boating and fishing with the tribe controlling usage. Also, solar-wind-physically challenged grants, economic development grant is also available which can be combined into one grant. Finally, by creating a vehicle to rent electric boats which helps the club stand on its own opening the parent organization to create new clubs with reciprocity for use from members. That is to say if someone from Hungary went to SAILABILITY MELBOURNE the rules and sailing dinghies would be the sameThis organization is dedicated to help all individuals despite handicaps to enjoy sailing. This is the mission of the Parent Organization Access Association that sailing is for everyone which is global in ninety countries and an Olympic class which means each access dinghy is the same components as any other dinghy in its unique class. These classes are 2.03 meter wide and single cat rigged, 3.03 meter wide and single schooner rigged, Breeze 3.05 meter cat rigged, Liberty 3.05 meter single schooner, and Olympic class SKD18. All these boats have “Joy stick steering and can be in the single seat fully assisted servos for seriously disabled including aspirated disabled persons. This organization has five officers elected for two year terms. The commodore is the chairman of the board which meets Thursday prior to the general meetings on the third Sunday of the month. COMMODORE cosigns all disbursements with the treasurer and oversees the activities of the club. SECRETARY maintains the minutes of all meeting and co-ordinates all recreation committee. TREASURER maintains the accounts and the membership dues along with the web site and makes monthly reports to the membership. He also prepares with the commodore the yearly tax reports to be submitted. VICE COMMODORE takes the place of the Commodore in his absence and is an alternate cosigner in the commodore’s absence. He is also the race coordinator and advocacy chairman for membership and sponsorship approvals. BOSON maintains all the organizations equipment. He also qualifies Skippers who have completed an American sailing Association Basic Keelboat and Cruising course and are certified in first aid along with setting up-sailing-and putting away the organization’s boats. _________________________________________________________________________ BASIC EQUIPMENT TWO EACH assisted Sailing Dinghy (303 SINGLE) TWO EACH two person sailing dinghies(303 WIDE) ONE SIP&PUFF OR JOYSTICK SERVO CONTROLS FOR 303 SINGLE one safety boat(DONATED SKIFF WITH ELECTRIC OR 10HP OUTBOARD) a “C” crane for lifting disabled persons with slings-hangar-endless strap, fall brake 2 way communication BEACH MASTER to SAFETY BOAT

This would be at the North End of the Salton Sea with the Torres Martinez tribe.

Next Boots-to Business with VA and SBA to create Jobs.

Finally, putting green energy on small airports such as HEMET RYAN which dates back to 1943 with the RC42 or PT22 of Harrison Fard. This is the airport of Disney’s Fire and Rescue. I think we can rescue it from the Republicans.


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